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Direct swaps are welcome! I like postcards of lighthouses, waterfalls, historic architecture, science and scientists, schools and universities, or any other subject featuring your area. I hope you put date, location, weather and temperature on the card and affix multiple different stamps on it. Let me know what your preferences are, and I'll try my best to contribute to your collection.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Soon after I figured out what "tag" means at postcrossing forum, I wanted to participated in "request a color" tag, meaning: sending a postcard in the color someone asks for and requesting a color for the card someone sends to me. So I requested purple, my favorite color. In my opinion, purple is somehow an awkward color in that it looks pleasant/attractive/meaningful to me but not a lot of stuff, including clothes and postcards, looks aesthetically "right" in purple. For example, a purple down coat would make me look like an eggplant with two legs, then I have a collection of purple accessories only to accentuate my favorite color in my outfit. I was wondering what kind of purple card I was going to get.

Then it arrived this beautiful sunset view card of Brisbane, Australia. How creative C. is in finding purple in our everyday life! She also tells me she loves to ride on the City Cats, the high speed ferry service, across the Brisbane River.

In the "purple" tag, I sent a Simpsons card. In return, L. tagged me back with this gorgeous card that shows the only object I possibly imagine on a purple card - lavender! L. says she wants to visit France one day to see those amazing lavender fields in person. Me, too! Or anywhere similar to Provence to bring me sunshine, aroma, and peace of mind.

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