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Direct swaps are welcome! I like postcards of lighthouses, waterfalls, historic architecture, science and scientists, schools and universities, or any other subject featuring your area. I hope you put date, location, weather and temperature on the card and affix multiple different stamps on it. Let me know what your preferences are, and I'll try my best to contribute to your collection.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Oops, busted!

I have had this hobby of collecting stamps and postcards since I was little. That eagerness of receiving greeting cards from an American pen pal remains fresh and sweat deep in my mind. I had even self-designed some cards and sent to some friends. In college, many of my friends' mail had a "window" on the upper-right corner of the envelope -- the stamps along with the postmarks were cut for my collection! I've learned a lot from the postal service products: geography of the sending places, unique culture commemorated on the stamps, must-see attractions displayed on the postcards, and ... you name it.

However, I don't even remember since when I have changed to be a body with no interests. Once I was asked about my habit. After a long search in the folding of my brain, I came out with the answer "sleep". So sad, as I am diagnosed psychologically. But who doesn't want to be happy and enjoy something in everyday life?!! That's why I pick up this old-fashioned hobby with the convenience of 21st century technology.

I searched online on postcard swap programs and postcrossing.com came up. Perfect, it could be the beginning of my true joy! Maybe I was too eager -- I registered multiple accounts. On my way to send the cards which I custom-shopped for each fellow postcrosser, I was busted by the founder of the postcrossing project, Paulo, in emails. Oops! I swear I had and have no intention to "fetch a high number of addresses". But I understood where the concern came from. Ok! As a model world citizen with pristine record, I corrected myself immediately after the warning. Now I only hope they won't blacklist me as my enthusiasm has already been damped, well a little. Fingers crossed!

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